(Kyle at 8 yrs old)
*If your son or daughter is 16 years old, please take them to get a state identification card!  
(actually PA will issue a non-drivers' license to a 10 year old!!!----cost is $27.50)
*Most schools issue ID cards as apart of their picture sessions.
*Most schools issue a school specific ID to their students.
?Have you thought about a medical ID bracelet?
?Have you thought of creating your own ID bracelet ommiting and including the information you want on your child's person?
?Have you thought about alternative ID placement, tags, watches, anklets, shoe id's, etc... 
(having duplicates on different jackets and other items your child may wear).?

?tatoos?  washable and removeable?
?Does your child leave or forget their wallet at home?
?Is your child forgetful?
?Did you know you can make additional copies of bus passes, ID cards, medical cards, etc. and laminate them?  
Keep the originals at home!
?Can your child be responsible for a trac phone, cell phone, iphone?  Some phones have tracking systems..

(Kyle 16 yrs. old)

****  Do you have child that walks or runs away from you?****
Please visit and download the “Big Red Safety Toolkit” on wandering prevention. 

"Big Red Safety Boxes" which are now available and provided free-of-charge! While supplies last, they can be requested at NAA’s site here > >

Please share this web-site!  
#1 FILL OUT the forms in your own personal tool kit!
Parents can print this out FREE of CHARGE!

#2 TAKE This FREE printable kit made for FIRST responders to your local police station!
Notice 2 different FREE kits! 

GPS tracking devices information shared by:

Monday November 19, 2014--------It has been awhile since we posted about children wandering away. Pennsylvania, This one hits very close to home. Please pray for his safe return. It would be AWESOME if any large Autism non-profit organization would supply doctors with the RED TOOL BOX kits from, to give out for FREE to the families they see, especially the ones that they give the news that their child is autistic to. Families should be told that their child might leave their home/school or run from them when they least expect it, when their child is first diagnosed. Something should be done on a national level! Our children and adults living with ASD go missing daily. Even with precautions, like alarms at your door and social stories, taken by their parents and schools...they can still wander off.RED TOOL BOX kits from Parents/Educators can print out a checklist of all the things you can try to put into place to help prevent your children from wandering!!!

Feds Clarify How To Apply For Autism Tracking Devices


A week after announcing that the federal government will pay for tracking devices for kids with autism, officials are offering more details about how families can access the technology.

Police departments nationwide will be able to make the tracking devices available to children in their communities who are at risk of wandering using money available through the Justice Department’s Byrne grant program, officials at the federal agency said.

Byrne is an existing program that law enforcement agencies routinely tap to pay for everything from crime prevention programs to officer training and equipment like police radios and lights for emergency vehicles.

Last week, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said that his office had determined that Byrne funding could be used for tracking devices.

“Byrne grant money can be made and will be made available for the purchase of these devices,” Holder told a U.S. Senate panel.

The commitment came in response to a request from U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer. The New York Democrat was prompted to act after 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo, who had autism, went missing from his New York City school in October and was recently found dead.

Now it’s starting to become clearer how communities can obtain the funds Holder referenced.

Police should go through the same process they typically utilize to seek funding from the federal Byrne program, according to Max Dworin, a spokesman for Schumer. Law enforcement agencies can request grant money to pay for tracking devices and to provide education and training related to the issue of wandering, he said.

“Police departments apply for these every year for a variety of local law enforcement projects,” Dworin said. “Now, essentially, the Department of Justice has opened up this funding for autism.”

All applications must go through law enforcement agencies, so organizations and schools should work with local police to put programs in place, Dworin said. Police departments that receive money through the federal grant will be responsible for designing and administering their local program and determining how tracking devices are distributed.

The Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Assistance approved nearly $280 million in funding through the Byrne program in 2013. It’s unclear how much money could go toward tracking devices.

Separately, Schumer has proposed federal legislation that would allocate $10 million in dedicated funds to pay for the technology. Schumer’s bill calls for devices to be made available to families wishing to monitor those with autism or other developmental disorders who are at risk for wandering.

Justice Department spokesman Kevin Lewis did not provide clarification Wednesday about whether the new opportunity through the Byrne grant program would be limited to people with autism or if funds could be requested to be used for tracking devices for individuals with other types of developmental disabilities as well.

Research indicates that about half of children with autism are prone to wandering. Electronic tracking devices can be worn as a bracelet, attached to a shoe or belt loop or even sewn into a person’s clothing. In the event that an individual goes missing, a caregiver can call the monitoring company associated with the device in order to locate the person.

Many families already utilize tracking devices, but advocates say the technology can be cost prohibitive and note that a monthly fee is often involved.

Under an existing plan, the Justice Department provides funds to pay for similar devices for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease who are at risk for wandering.


Please read the following articles: 
1) Avonte Oquendo's Death (nyc)- 

NEW YORK (AP) — Following the death of an autistic teenager who walked away from his New York City school last year, the U.S. Department of Justice said Wednesday it will fund voluntary tracking devices for children with autism or other conditions that put them at risk for fleeing their caregivers.

The family of Avonte Oquendo and New York Sen. Charles Schumer had called last weekend for legislation to provide GPS tracking devices for autistic children and others with a tendency to bolt from parents or caregivers. On Wednesday, Schumer and the Justice Department said existing grant funds would be used.

Avonte's disappearance from his Queens school on Oct. 4 triggered a massive search. The 14-year-old's remains were found in the East River earlier this month, miles away from where he was last seen.

The cause of Avonte's death remains under investigation.

Schumer said the federal government already provides grant funding for devices to track seniors with Alzheimer's and the Department of Justice will now allow for grant funds to include children with autism spectrum disorder.

Schumer said the program would be voluntary for parents and would be run by police departments or other local law enforcement entities.

Schumer's legislation was to have been called Avonte's Law. He said he would continue to push for the legislation in order to provide a stable funding stream. Schumer had put the cost of each monitor at about $85, plus a few dollars in monthly fees.

2)Statement from NAA on the heartbreaking death of 9-year-old Mikaela Lynch

This information is intelligently written, compassionate, and thought provoking. We must spread this news, make this a real concern for our society ,make parents aware that this can happen, and offer parents ways to prevent this from happening. 
Let's help one another to understand our children with special needs. 

!!!If your child wanders, remember to check water first!!!