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  • 12/1/16
    2018! (Please see AutismGUARDS Facebook Page)
     I am truly grateful for all the good people in our communities that donate their time and make a real difference in the lives of everyone around them! 
    We have come a long way, and we will continue to DREAM BIG! I am most grateful for having places to meetup with Kyle and his friends; like the library socials @ William Jeanes Memorial Library and bowling over at Facenda Whitaker Lanes. I AM A DREAMER. So I would like to continue networking with people in the surrounding area that put our kids first and profits second. Yes, I realize that we all need to make a living, but creating a community is more important in my book. (Stay tuned for some AWESOME ideas to become a REALITY in the new year!) Special thanks to people like Jim WursterLinda KuepperPatti Erickson,Scott KovalAllison Bradley KovalAmanda Goldsmith KleinAdam Michael KleinAmbry WardKarin Fox, and countless others that put our children first, help eachother on our journey, and are fellow "dreamers" like me. 

  •  A Personal Message from the Founder of AutismGUARDS: 7/3/15


    My son's graduation is less than 2 years away...but the sooner I look into what's not happening and try to "fix" it and advocate for Kyle, many kids like him may have better opportunities too.  I want him to have a purpose as an adult.  He makes statements about wanting to go to college and having his own apartment.  Although Kyle can be socially awkward, he likes to go out in public and be around people.  How do I keep him safe with limited speech?  Build relationships with the people and places he frequents!  Kyle is working very hard on his flexibility and adaptive skills.  We want him to be as independent as he can be safely!  

    So what do I do after the "bus" stops coming?  What do I do when Kyle graduates the mandated educational system?  I always hear parents of children 21 and up state that, "they are just going to stay home with me". They tell me that "there isn't any funding for group homes or job training"and that  “The government is cutting the funding.”  This really worries me!!!  

    Maybe together we can start changing that.   I care about the SPECIFIC CONCRETE PLAN for my son and for all the young adults out there living on the Autism spectrum.  I am looking into many options and hope to have a plan A-plan C.  Not every resource/support works for everyone.  It is an individual need.  I hope you get some ideas or answers for you and your family here on my web-site.  If I see a resource that has helped Kyle, or may help Kyle, it will be listed here for free.
    My background is in Early Childhood and Elementary Education mostly in the city of Philadelphia.  I have lived in Philadelphia for 32 years, and only 5 years in the suburbs. I have had extensive experience as a teacher and a mother, as well as case management in Philadelphia, but I have more to learn here in Montgomery County.  

    I am willing to work hard and ask tough questions.  I know that I am going to have to influence people to change things at the state level and change laws and look into grants, etc.; but I can't do it alone.  
    I don’t want to do it alone.  I would like to work with a team! 

    Will you join me, so that we can secure great supports for our children?
    Tara Thompson-Horwitz 


      About Founder and Kyle:  Tara Horwitz is married to Craig Horwitz and has two children.  Kyle, Tara's son, is a young adult living with Autism and currently attending high school within the Colonial School District.   Their daughter, Rachel, is a toddler and seems to be developing normally.  She keeps both Craig and Tara very busy.   Kyle is very fond of his Step-Father and adores his baby sister. Craig and Kyle have enjoyed playing tennis together, going to Phillies games, and walking track together.  We try to do different community outings as a family too.  Sometimes, they are a good fit for Kyle, sometimes they are not.  When Kyle speaks up and lets us know he doesn't like an activity, we stop after one more try, and move on to the next thing.  It's a learning experience for all of us!  Kyle is very lucky to have tons of family and extended family support.His Pop-pop Bob, Dad's Dad, takes Kyle to do activities like Karate, Swimming, Baseball, and to the Gym to workout.  Kyle likes visiting with Tara's parents, especially when we vacation down the shore.  Craig's parents take a real interest in Kyle's abilities and enjoy visits where Kyle tells them about his work programs through school and encourage Kyle to improve his academics.  With the encouragement of her husband, Craig, Tara started this parent networking group to provide parents educational and recreational resources to help their children, and themselves, as we all work with the existing good school districts, administrators, board members, companies, businesses, etc. in our Montgomery County, PA community.  


      To work with the existing good school districts, administrators, board members, companies, businesses, etc. in our Montgomery County, PA community to help ensure that our children have a positive and purposeful adult life.  

      General Information
      This groups' sole purpose is to work together with everyone in our community to find and create solutions with positive results. This group will not tolerate negative comments towards professionals, nor parents in our community. We all need to create an environment that accepts everyone, including our children.

      Let's work on fixing issues and concerns together. We want to accentuate the positive things happening in our local public schools and private schools alike. When we share information about what works with examples to back it up, we all win. Sharing is caring. Caring about our kids is what we all do best!

      *We are currently not holding meetings, however, we DO promote other ASD group meetings ran by reputable organizations.

      Check our FB page for updated meetings and events.

      We would like to hear your from you.  
      Join our Montgomery County

       parent networking group!

      FREE Membership!  No fundraising (for this particular group)!  

      ***We MUST contact and MEET with local and state legislators about this mental health crisis! 

      To join simply send an email with your name to tara@autismguards.org. 

      Our meetings may be held at The William Jeanes Memorial Library-


      (Thank you to our local library for your support.)