Teen LEGO® Building Group

Teen LEGO® Building Group

The fall Teen LEGO® Building Group will be held on 
Sunday November 3,  2013 from  2:00-3:30pm

Teens must register by emailing  
Cynthia.day@verizon.net or calling 215-805-3094.  

The event will take place at SCH’s Robotics Lab at 500 West Willow Grove Ave.  Parking is on site. 
 LEGO® will be provided for building.

Hi everyone,
Our next meeting is November 3, from 2:00 to 3:30.   

As before, I kindly request that you let me know if you are coming.  I want to keep this to a maximum of 10 and I get new interest all the time.  So, please let me know as soon as you can.

Thanks so much for supporting this effort and I really mean it about giving me your feedback.


 Cynthia Day



The fall Teen LEGO® Building Group will be held on
Sunday October 20, 2013 at SCH Academy hosted by First Team 1218- Vulcan Robotics and will offer an opportunity for teen LEGO® builders to build together in an inclusive atmosphere.  Teen members of SCH’s robotics team will be on hand to help participants make their own creations.  Although there will be no takeaways, the group can continue to meet and work toward displaying their work to hundreds of other teens at the First Lego League competition hosted by SCH Academy in December.

“People who love LEGO® also love to build with others.  It’s a great chance for teen LEGO® fans to socialize with other teens having similar interests.  Since we are working toward a big display, there will be plenty of opportunity to provide input and have fun together.  We would like to include kids on the autism spectrum because many have an interest in LEGO® and are particularly good builders.  We really appreciate SCH’s involvement as the robotics team will add the element of teens helping teens,” says Cynthia Day, one of the founders of Spectrum FUNdamentals Studio.

 Mary Reichley, founding member of Colonial Lego Users Group, adds “This teen group will have a goal of making a great display of work for the December event.   We hope to have a number of tables where the teens can really show off their work to hundreds of other interested kids.  Events like this exist for adult fans of LEGO® but we thought, why not for kids?”

 Teens must register by emailing Cynthia.day@verizon.net or calling 215-805-3094.  The event will take place at SCH’s Robotics Lab at 500 West Willow Grove Ave.  Parking is on site.  LEGO® will be provided for building.

 About Colonial LUG

Colonial LEGO® Users Group (LUG) was formed in 2013 as a club for serious teen builders.  Colonial LUG members have created Brick Insanity at the Lafayette Hill Public Library for children to experience the fun of LEGO® bimonthly.  The LUG will sponsor a fundraiser for the library in September which includes a carnival theme, games and a raffle made entirely of LEGO®.  A display with the theme of a playground on the fourth of July made by LUG members will be displayed in the LEGO® store display box from June 19 to July 18.  Colonial LUG will be providing the infrastructure for the teen display in December at the First LEGO League competition at SCH Academy.  (LEGO® is the property of the LEGO® Group which does not sponsor or endorse LUGs.) For information, contact Mary Reichley at myzanadu@verizon.net


About Spectrum FUNdamentals Studio

Formed in 2010, Spectrum Fundamentals Studio endeavors to create classes where children and teens on the autism spectrum can socialize while sharing common interests.  Formally located above O’Doodles in Chestnut Hill where several classes were held, it currently is operating on an event – only basis. For information, contact Cynthia Day at Cynthia.day@verizon.net.


About SCH Academy’s Robotics

From their earliest years at SCH Academy, students learn to become creative designers and problem solvers through an Engineering and Robotics curriculum that is one of only a few such schoolwide curricula in the country. Whether it’s constructing a LEGO® castle in 2nd grade, designing and manufacturing a marketable consumer product in Middle School, or programming milling machines to make parts for human-sized robots in Upper School, SCH students are learning important skills for the 21st century, being challenged, AND having fun.  FIRST Team 1218 Vulcan Robotics is SCH Academy’s internationally competitive robotics program. Competing in the FRC Division, high school students challenge themselves to push the limits of creativity and interactive thinking. Since 2002, Team 1218 is dedicated to building better students one robot at a time.  For information: www.sch.org/robotics