Welcome Friends!
1/18/18 WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR! It hasbeen a while since I have written and updeated this web-site. I have a new server, and the interface is not easy to figure out. Kyle continues to do well working part-time in a retail chain. He works only 12 hours per week and 4 hours each day, but we are grateful that he has a competitive paid job. He seems to like doing stock work and looks forward to going into work. He continues job coaching through CIS. Kyle is using all of his natural supports to stay busy in the social scene in our community. I plan most of the fun activities for him. There is a NEW GIG in town, which I do not have to plan, it's BounceTown's Exceptional Dance Parties. They happen on atleast 1 Saturday night per month in East Norriton, PA. Check my Facebook Page to learn more information.

(new updates will be added to this web-site---Facebook has the most real time daily updates)

Thanks to the free socials held at the Jeanes Library that, we have met many adults, beyond our school walls in Their 20's and 30's are successfully employed and / or graduated college. They attend our socials Because They Want to have a social life.  
(Parents are always welcome (bowling / socials / our events) to stay and chat to get to know our attendees and have fun!)

Check out our facebook pages: autismguards        and 
lafayette hill pa special needs families
These pages keep you in the loop of what things are going on locally and update you on the job cruising did Kyle has done during the summer.
Do you know about Spartans Special Needs Cheerleading? Do you know about Civic Green / Tops soccer (and other fun group get-togethers?)
Facebook opens doors. Log on. Use your kids' account. Have them show you. :)
Kyle worked with a job coach over the summer, exploring different job settings. He did very well, and will continue to have a job coach in a few consistent Work during this final year of schooling. Kyle is a Super Senior thisyear, and Although You may not see him around PW school, you will definitely be able to catch him at our community events. I am working very hard to create lasting friendships and build a well-rounded circle of activities for a wonderful quality of life for Kyle and his peers!  
Please join us! * Greater things will be happening .... taking time to build .... but our end goal is "NOT to graduate to the couch / bedroom!"

Here are some letter dates ( dates do not remain consistent, as we work around the free socials scheduled ) for our outings together:
Friday September  16 -Bowling       @    Cost: $ 13 Time: 7-9pm
Friday September  23 -CEP Social      @     FREE Time: 6-9pm
Friday September  30 -Bowling
Friday October  14 -CEP Social
Friday October  21 -Bowling
Friday November  11 -CEP Social
Friday November  18 -Bowling
December ???
January ????
* TBD --- someother random outings may include, and may be scheduled on school days / weekdays did are assisted days, and / or holidays:  Rebounderz in Lansdale, Movies in Plymouth, Whitemarsh Township Haunted Barn, Thanksgiving feast, holiday shows, New York bus trip, etc.

Be Well and hope to see you soon! Tara Horwitz
------------------------------ 6/15/16 Kyle has begun job training as apart of his Extended School Year service via his school district individual Education plan. They contracted with (CIS)  Community Integrated Services '. Their mission is to empower people with disabilities through individualized employment opportunities did foster self-sustainability, equality, and community. Through partnerships with area Businesses and Organizations, CIS works to find jobs did Fulfill the employment goals and desires for the people They serve.   {%}% Gallery_job_coach